Login Problem Trouble Shooting

Login problems may occur due to any of the following problems..

1. You are not using the same email id and the password created while signing up.

2. Your email serves as Login Id while logging in and is case sensitive. You must use your email ID and password in the same manner (Upper case and lower case, i.e taking care of Capital and small letters used while signing up.

3.. You have forgotten your password. If you have forgotten your password then please click the link below to retrieve your password. You must use exactly the same name and email id as used while signing up, otherwise you can not get your password displayed

Click Here to recover your password

4. Your a/c is DeActivated due to suspicion of making fake referrals If you are 100% SURE that your login id which is email ID and password are CORRECT then most likely your a/c got deactivated after found suspicious activities on your a/c. Kindly Note: We are detecting ip addresses of all referrals and members and If your a/c is found creating fake referrals under your id with the same ip repeating more then 3 times, your account will be DELETED without giving you any warning and all your earnings will be forfeited. No further payments will be made even if you have good balance in your a/c. If you are sure that you are not involved in any suspicious activities, we will allow you to ReActivate your a/c using the link below

Click Here to Activate your account.

After reactivation, you must close all the open browsers before logging in again. In case the problem persists, just delete the cookies on you pc and Login.


If you are still not able to login, please contact us at help@earnparttimejobs.com Form filling & Data Entry Jobs will be availed to active members of the referral program having received at least one payment.


Getting Started

How It Works

Getting started with earnparttimejobs is instant and very easy.When you register and login, you will find all instructions and your referral link which you need to copy with the sample text and post on different classifieds, forums, blogs etc. Whenever any one joins the website through your posted link, you will see an increase in your earnings instantly.

If the same member continues referring and earns Rs.2000/=, You will be paid Rs.400/= more for the same member. That is a single member can make you earn Rs.405/= and suppose 100 membrs join the site through your referral link, and 50 out of those 100 members continue with the referral program, Your earnings will be (100x5=500 + 50x400=20,000) = 20,500/= from just 50 members which is not a difficult task at all.

You can make a handsome earnings through the program and get paid every month. There is no limit for the earnings. You can earn as much as you can .

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